Finding a Buyer

You are looking for a reputable and financially strong buyer, who will manage your company in the way that suits you? We will find him or her and will also help you negotiate the best price on the best terms. With highest level of tact and negotiation skills, we will bring your project to its successful conclusion.

Our professional skills will help bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Finding a Buyer for you

You set the criteria – and we search for an ideal buyer for your company. We screen interested parties, examine their financial strength, and select the best candidates. If necessary, we will also bring new buyers into play. We also assess whether the offered purchase price is realistic and in line with the market conditions.

Conducting negotiations

We make all the necessary preparations, we help you to present your company in an attractive light, and we sit down with you and the buyer at the negotiating table. The priority now is to fix the price and the conditions, exclude liabilities and keep the mood positive.

Successful conclusion

We stay with you right up to the successful conclusion of the transaction, so that at the end of the day you feel good about handing over your company, you can see that your interests have been represented in the best possible way, and the agreed sum is paid into your account.

What are good reasons why owners sell their companies?

Probably the most common reason for selling medium-sized family enteprises is business succession. When there is no successor from the family, and the retirement is not that far away, many businessmen start looking for reliable buyers, who can continue to lead the company in their best interest. Through the company sale, they not only want to profit financially, but also seek to transfer their life’s work into safe and reliable hands

A strategic decision – often there are also strategic reasons why selling a company or part of the company makes sense. The strategic withdrawal is scheduled when, e.g. certain divisions are no longer fit for the core business, one wants to withdraw from certain countries or when special technologies are to be sold off as profitably as possible.

What is an ideal sales process like?

The sale of a company requires a lot of expertise, discretion and negotiation skills. The process must not only be carefully planned and managed, so that the seller’s needs and objectives are achieved in the end, but it must also be carried out with the utmost confidentiality. Traditionally, the process of a company sale is divided in the following areas:


  • Formulation of strategic objectives, eventual consultation with an external partner (investment bank or M&A advisory)
  • Analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • “Adorn the bride”: the company is prepared for the sale and presented attractively

Searching for investors

  • Identify and address prospective parties
  • Solicit bids and lead sales negotiations

Due Diligence

Economic, fiscal and legal examination of the company and review by the buyer


  • Contract drafting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Signing und Closing
  • Payment of the purchase price and transfer of ownership

How does one find the best buyer?

The greater the interest of potential buyers, the better the negotiating position of the seller. Nevertheless, these prospective parties are difficult to find on one’s own.

In the right networks

Investment banks generally have an excellent network of strategic and financial investors, who are looking for specific acquisitions – both nationally and internationally. Consultants draw on internal databases with comprehensive corporate data. A targeted pre-selection allows to identify potential buyers, who are ideally suited for the purchase of the company. After the first confidential contact, consultants filter out the most promising parties and proceed to generating an offer.

Why even experienced entrepreneurs engage with a professional team?

Almost all entrepreneurs attract an investment bank or an external advisor when they sell their company, and benefit from their experience, expertise and negotiation skills.

Emotional roller-coaster ride

A company sale is usually a very emotional process for the seller. After all, in owner-managed enterprises it is about selling one’s life’s work. It is namely this emotional component that is required, as well as professional expertise, lots of sensitivity and tact in negotiations. Therefore, external specialists, such as investment bankers, auditors, taxation law experts, and lawyers with high social competence are often needed. They lead the negotiations in a professional manner and find creative solutions in highly emotional situations.

How we will support you

Conducting negotiations

We prepare everything you need in advance to present your company in an attractive light, and sit down together with you and the buyer at the negotiating table. The priority now is to fix the purchase price and contractual conditions, exclude liabilities, and keep the spirits high.

Successful conclusion

We accompany you until the successful completion of the transaction, so that, at the end of the day, you feel good about handing over your company, your interests are represented in the best possible way, and you find the agreed amount of money in your account.

The advantages

  • Faster and better results can be achieved than on one’s own.
  • External advisors ensure a well-planned and structured M&A process that will lead to the right closing, actively support their clients in negotiations and in obtaining the maximal purchase price
  • Investment banks have very good networks at their disposal and bring new parties to the table
  • Prospective buyers are assessed with regard to their financial strengths to ensure the scheduled payment of the purchase price
  • Due to efficient management and coordination of other third-party advisors (such as lawyers, accountants, etc.), the costs are reduced
  • Through high social competence of consultants, the emotional component is also taken into account
  • Creative solutions are presented
  • Risks and liabilities are minimized
  • Contracts, presentations and marketing materials are prepared and edited professionally


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